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Nest Bed - Medium/Leaf Suede

Lucid Dreams LLC

Nest Bed - Medium/Leaf Suede

$ 177.67
Features: 420 denier packcloth base Comfortable faux suede sleeping surface Machine wash and dry 3-year warranty 25" Diameter;Inside;/ 34" Total (The first dimension is for inside the bolster. With the bolsteryour dog will actually have up to 13 more inches if he tends to rest his head on the bolster.) The Big Shrimpy Nest Dog Bed is Designed to Last Forever.What if you never ever had to throw away yet another pet bed? Meet Big Shrimpy's Nest Dog Bedthe bed that is made to last. Plus it is backed along with a 3-year limited guarantee to confirm it. The long lasting exterior cover features a 420 denier packcloth base along with a comfy imitation suede dsleeping area. The inside lining is a ripstop nylon which is odor and liquid resilient. Machine clean and dryand with component parts obtainable individuallythis ought to be the final dog bed you will ever need to purchase. Washes Like NewAgain and Again. Every part of this dog bed are machine launder and dry. A zippered cover and interior lining ensure it is simple to disassemble to clean all parts individually. Even the SmartFill™our recycled fillingis easy to remove for simple cleaning as well as drying! And when your dog nibbles on the corner of her dog bedor if you're merely ready for a fresh new look? No worries…you can purchase a replacement dog bed cover. The Big Shrimpy Nest Dog Bed Stays Fresh. As much as you adore your petwe all know you do not want to smell your dog's bed. Here is a answer: the inner liner made from ripstop nylon resists doggie smells from permeating the filling of our dog beds. Does your pet have an itty-bitty incontinence issue? The ripstop liner fabric is water-resistanttoo.

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