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Educator 3/4 Mile Remote Dog Trainer

$ 199.99


 The Educator ET-400TS is an electronic training collar with all of the same features as the popular 300TS series but with one important advantage: it offers a range of up to ¾ mile.

An excellent choice for dogs with a little more room to roam, the ET-400TS offers a completely submersible receiver and transmitter for wet weather conditions or training your pet in the water, a night tracking light enabling you to locate your pet in the dark, and a "boost" feature for getting your dog's attention in highly distracting circumstances. A remote transmitter designed with ergonomics in mind puts control buttons right at your fingertips so that you do not have to look away from your dog during a training session.

So light-weight that it can be worn by dogs as small as five pounds, but offering 100 levels of stimulation so that you can train larger dogs as well, this electric training collar is safe and effective for any dog.

This electronic training collar offers many features:

  • Collar will fit dogs with necks from 3" to 29"
  • Range of up to ¾ of a mile
  • “Lock and Set” feature allows you to retain an effective level of correction once it’s located
  • Non-stimulating correction features tapping sensation
  • Low-battery indicators located on both transmitter and receiver
  • Lost transmitter locator
  • Remotely operated night tracking light for locating your pet in the dark
  • Transmitter and receiver are both waterproof
  • Collar strap made from heavy duty Biothane
  • Proudly made in the USA

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